Salesforce Lightning: Create and Customize List Views

List View


List views allow you to see a filtered list of records, such as contacts, accounts, or custom objects. For example,  you can customize list views to only see a certain type of opportunity, lead, account, contact, campaign, dashboard, or even a custom object.

A Salesforce Administrator is not needed to create a list view for a user. A user is able to complete this task themselves.

Create a List View

Step 1: From the App Launcher, navigate to the Sales app and select the Opportunities tab.

Step 2: From the list view controls, select New.

Step 3: Name the list High Probability Opportunities. API Name should be High_Probability_Opportunities.

Step 4: Select All users can see this list view.

Step 5: Click Save.

The list view is showing all the Opportunities, regardless of their Stage. The Filter panel is also available.

High Probability Opportunites

Step 6: Click Add Filter.

Step 7: From the Field dropdown menu, select Stage.

Step 8: Select the equals operator.

Step 9: For value, select Proposal/Price Quote and Negotiation Review, then click Done and Save.

Step 10: Click Add Filter.

Step 11. From the Field dropdown menu, select Probability (%).

Step 12. Select the equals operator.

Step 13. For value, enter the number 50.

Step 14. Click Done, and Save.

Customize a List View

Step 1: From the list view controls, select Select Fields to Display.

Step 2: Move Close Date, Amount, and Opportunity Owner Alias out of the Visible Fields area, and add Probability (%) instead. Click Save.

Create a List View Chart

Step 1: From the Sales app, click the Opportunities tab, and select the All Opportunities list view.

All Opportunities

Step 2: Click the Show Charts icon.

Step 3. In the Charts panel that appears, click the Settings icon and select New Chart.

Step 4. Name the chart Pipeline Total Value and give the following criteria.

  • Chart Type: Donut Chart
  • Aggregate Type: Sum
  • Aggregate Field: Amount
  • Grouping Field: Account Name

Step 5. Click Save.

Pipeline Total Value

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