Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)


Salesforce CPQ takes the complication out of selling product offerings by creating pre-made product bundles for sales reps to choose from. Bundles provide sales reps with the ability to create accurate quotes fast.

CPQ Bundles

When sales reps create a quote, they have to choose a product and some products have to be sold with other products. This concept is also known as a bundle which is a group of products that are sold together. When a sales rep sells the bundle, all the related products are sold as well. There are three types of bundles:

  • Static Bundle – Always has the same products together and the same quantities
  • Configurable Bundle – Can be customized with limits to prevent impossible configurations
  • Nested Bundle – Bundle located inside another bundle

Salesforce CPQ with Developer Edition Org

Salesforce provides a free Developer Edition org to practice your CPQ skills. Go to and fill out the form using an active email address. Your username must look like an email address and also be unique. The email address does not have to be valid for your username. This org is only valid for 90 days so when that time comes, sign up for a new org. This CPQ-enabled Developer Edition org was used for the tutorial below.

How to Add a Bundle to a Quote

For this example, your customer wants a fast laptop. Your company has a bundle for the laptop that includes things like a processor, and RAM options. You add the laptop bundle and customize it with the best options.

Step 1: Click Accounts in the navigation bar, then choose the All Accounts list view.

Step 2: Click Edge Communications.

Step 3: Click the Related tab.

Step 4: From the Opportunities related list, click Printer for Back Office.

Step 5: From the Quotes related list, click Q-0000.

Step 6: Click Edit Lines. It might take a few minutes for the page to load.

Step 7: Click Add Products.

Step 8: Check the box next to the Laser Printer product.

Step 9: Click Select. The configuration page shows the choices that you can make to upgrade the laptop.

Step 10: Select all three options.

Step 11: Click Save. Click Save again.

Nice! You just customized a printer for Edge Communications!

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