Salesforce Lightning: Create and Customize Lightning Apps


What is a Lightning App?

Within Lightning Experience, members of your organization can work more efficiently by being able to switch between apps. Users are also able to open apps from the App Launcher.

What can you include in a Lightning App?

  • Standard Objects
  • Custom Objects
  • Visualforce Tabs
  • Lightning component tabs
  • Canvas apps via Visualforce tabs
  • Web tabs

Lighting apps also let you brand your app with a custom color, logo, and utility bar. Custom and standard objects, custom tabs, lightning page tabs, and utilities (Lighting Voice) are some of the things that you can expect withing lightning apps. If your organization uses utility features, you can enable a utility bar that will allow access to productivity tools, like integrated voice, in the Lightning Experience footer.

You are also able to assign multiple user profiles to multiple apps. An Lightnign App can be assigned as many user profiles as needed.

Utilize the App Launcher to switch between apps. This provides the flexibility for users to switch contexts and still be able to acess items, objects, and pages that are needed.

Lightning Experience App Manager

The App Manager is used to manage your Lightning Experience apps. It shows all of your connected apps and Salesforce Apps.

The Lightning Experience App Manager is used to:

  • View all of your Salesforce apps
  • Create Lightning Apps or connected apps
  • View the visible apps within Lighting Experience
  • Manage apps

To access the App Manager, click on the Setup menu and select App Manager within the Platform Tools category.

Lightning App Manager

Create a Lightning App

Step 1: From the Home Tab in Setup, enter App in the Quick Find box, then select App Manager.

Step 2: Click New Lightning App.

Step 3: Enter the information below to create an app.

Tip: Technology Audits is a custom object that needs to be created.

App Parameters

Step 4: Click Save and Finish to exit the wizard.

Step 5: Click the App Launcher, and select the Technology Consultations app.

Step 6: Enjoy your new app!

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